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My art is mobile. Not tied to a studio or gallery.

My duty is to understand - 

Do not dance without a story in your head. 

The description of the world.


I dress with the magic robe. 

Exercise 1 - OBE

You can do this exercise when and as often as you want.

I recommend to do it from time to time. If it does not bring any results, you can discard it.

Focus alternately on three points inside your body and three points outside your body, continuously.

Example: I focus my attention briefly on my left foot, then on my right foot and then on my larynx. I turn my attention briefly to the balcony, then to the bookshelf, then to the pillow next to me.

This can be done with eyes closed or eyes open. It can be done by either directing your gaze to these or just by focusing your mental attention on them. Other examples: nose, right shoulder, left shoulder, floor, TV, ball, left buttock etc.
Make sure that you do not take fantasy objects from the outer objects, but objects that you actually know or that actually exist in your environment. Repetitions are all right.

If you find yourself struggling, reduce the effort until it is effortless and possibly even stimulating.


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