Out of Body Experience - 3-3 Technique

You can do this exercise when and as often as you want.

I recommend to do it from time to time. If it does not bring any results, you can discard it.
Focus alternately on three points inside your body and three points outside your body, continuously.

Example: I focus my attention briefly on my left foot, then on my right foot and then on my larynx. I turn my attention briefly to the balcony, then to the bookshelf, then to the pillow next to me.

This can be done with eyes closed or eyes open. It can be done by either directing your gaze to these or just by focusing your mental attention on them. Other examples: nose, right shoulder, left shoulder, floor, TV, ball, left buttock etc.
Make sure that you do not take fantasy objects from the outer objects, but objects that you actually know or that actually exist in your environment. Repetitions are all right.

If you find yourself struggling, reduce the effort until it is effortless and possibly even stimulating.

Out of Body Experience - Immobility

You can do this exercise as many times as you want.

Until you fall asleep.

Lying motionless. 

This is the exercise: just lie motionless. You lie down and remain completely motionless and relaxed. The only exceptions: to scratch yourself or when a position is uncomfortable.

Do this at least until you find it easy to stay motionless. Watch what happens after a while. In some cases, it has been reported that this leads to relaxation, in which the astral body begins to vibrate and detachment from the body becomes very easy. 

In other cases, it is reported that the urge to move continues on the astral level, which can lead to a spontaneous out of body experience.

Dream Symbol - Deer

Association: - gentle beauty, - timidity. Question: - Which part of me is looking for protection?


In the Nordic cultures, the deer is a heavenly animal, its antlers are the ladder of the sky. 

This explains that the stag in the Christian religion often stands for Christ and has a symbol of the Redeemer. The deer and the unicorn are synonymous in mythology. They represent the image of the unity of soul and spirit. The stag probably has an erotic significance in popular belief because of its rut ​​fighting for the doe. Psychologically speaking, he can symbolize repressed female traits in men or male in women and ask them to accept them. Sometimes the deer promises women love happiness, possibly having to put on someone's horns, - he announces men success and sparking ideas that are not limited to the erotic. 

Often he also points out that one should settle for modest prosperity and quiet family happiness.

Dream Symbol - Gun


A pistol has an obvious male and sexual meaning in a dream. When a woman shoots a pistol in a dream, she is aware of the masculine, aggressive side of her personality. When a woman is shot, she feels threatened by signs, aggression or sexuality. Gun is generally interpreted as a weapon. Above all, it can point out dangers or warn against excessive anger.


The pistol in the dream has something to do with the assertiveness of the dreaming and generally with aggressively claimed power. The weapon can serve self-protection and self-assertion. The extent to which other people are affected by this must be carefully examined by the dreaming. In Freud's male sexual symbol, also signs of sexual tension and tension (as is well known, the pistol is cocked). For example, aiming at someone in a dream without firing suggests a failure in love or in another area of ​​life.


On the spiritual level, the pistol in the dream symbolizes the male principle.


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