About me

Daruma Boa is a virtual character. 

She wanted to change the world without having to leave home. 

A virtual person allows to exist different in a different reality. It is about how identity can be played with and how this can make you aware of to construct yourself. 

It is a kind of transformation of the individual. 

It is performing a version of yourself. 

Create a version of the person, which you want to be, and you will become this person. 

The works demonstrate how life extends beyond its own subjective limits. It challenges the binaries we continually reconstruct between real and not real, between here and there.

To raise the question: What is reality and what do I do here?

Each transfer is necessarily linked to a transformation of the transferred, which in essence represents an adaptation process to the other world.

Transfer and Transformation.

Each step of our design of the world is based on a set of previous experiences: both our own immediate experiences and those experiences transmitted by our fellow human beings, especially our parents, teachers, and so forth.

The works are directly taken out of a virtual environment as a starting point. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. By experimenting with cuttings out of the total, she formalizes the coincidental and emphasizes the conscious process of composition that is behind the seemingly random works. The thought processes, which are supposedly private, highly subjective and unfiltered in their references to dream worlds and the occult, are frequently revealed as assemblages.

The possible seems true and the truth exists, but it has many faces.

What is there to believe, but in Self?

We are what we believe and what it implies by a process of time in the conception; creation is caused by this bondage to formula. 

Daruma Boa currently lives and works in Second Life. 

This could be us, but we are playing. 


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