Daruma Boa

Daruma Boa is a virtual character. She wants to change the world without having to leave home. A virtual person allows to exist different in a different reality.

. Artist and object the same time. 

There is a growing thirst for spiritual experiences in a highly digitised world, in which we find ourselves increasingly disconnected with our environment.

 Daruma Boa responds to this development by connecting her virtual reality as a twilight zone between the physical and digital reality.

The Artist is Absent.


It is a kind of transformation of the individual.

It is performing a version of yourself.

Create a version of the person, which you want to be, and you will become this person.

Her works demonstrate how life extends beyond its own subjective limits.

It is performing a version of yourself. 

The artist is absent, but you create a version of the person, which you want to be. And you will become this person?

A unusual journey of self-discovery.

The more the virtual world binds our attention, the more intense the emotions that arise in the virtual processes, the greater the willingness to transfer to "real life" becomes.

As soon as transfers are to take place from the virtual world to the real world, a complex accommodation process is usually necessary. As the eyes have to adjust to different distances, it is necessary to modify the schemes of virtual worlds until they can be successfully applied in the real world.

In the process of interaction between man and the environment, the individual develops according to his structure for perceptions and actions that are aligned with the environment.

Problem-solving strategies on virtual levels help to succeed in similar situations in life.

Experiences happen on different levels. Optical illusions happen in our brain. And we use our brain in order to create. Mind over matter. 

The transfer of experience means a special form of neural linkage: a schema that was originally linked to the medial world is (also) linked to the real world. The question now arises at which level (in terms of abstraction and consciousness) this transfer takes place and which forms are observable.

What is experience?

Each transfer from a virtual world is necessarily linked to a transformation of the transferred, which in essence represents an adaptation process to the other world.

Because through names and pictures, all powers are awakened and rediscovered.

Transformation of the individual? 

Create a version of the person, which you want to be, and you will become this person...?

The transfer options break away from the concreteness of the virtual world and relate to more general aspects of life. In the inner transfer levels, the concrete facts "strip" from the details and content-related provisions. This area can be on the different transfer levels.


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